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Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Unique Honeymoon Destinations in Central America

By Fandy Setiawan


Costa Rica Honeymoon Package

Located in the Central America, Nicaragua and Costa Rica can be considered as two examples of unique honeymoon destinations. Bordering with Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, this two countries have been widely known as high class eco-tourism spot. These two countries will be suitable for newlyweds who love to travel and worship adventure and challenge. Newlyweds will be able to do many activities in these countries. Observing vegetation in the rainforest, riding a horse and rafting are several activities that can be done during your stay. You will also have rare opportunity to have interaction with different kinds of birds.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua has beautiful wildlife. Organizing a safari to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife will be interesting for newlyweds. In addition to that, diverse culture and great hospitality will attract you to come back to visit these two countries. For those who love tropical weather, you can also visit beautiful beaches in these two countries. In Santa Teresa, for example, you will be able to do fishing, swimming or just sunbathing. Various water-based sports can also be performed in this beach. If you love beach so much and enjoying beach only is not enough for you, you can also make a reservation to stay at beach resort nearby.

In the past time, honey is only a tradition that is done by newlyweds with intention to celebrate holy vow in front of God. This tradition is often done in a place which offers passionate atmosphere, romance and endless pleasure. Time change people change, nowadays honeymoon is considered as something special and romantic. Wedding ceremony and wedding reception will not complete without honeymoon. Spending honeymoon in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is highly recommended for those who dare to be different and do not like to follow the mainstream. You can break the rules by doing honeymoon in these two countries. It will be able to create memorable moment for newlyweds.