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Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Finding The Top Tropical Honeymoon Destinations – Hawaii and Bali

By Fandy Setiawan


Bali - Top Island Honeymoon Destinations

When talking about the honeymoon, a variety of tastes are desired by each partner. For example, there is the couple who have taste tropical honeymoon destinations. Two places are recognized worldwide as a place with a tropical climate seta has a beautiful view. They are Hawaii and Bali.

It has no doubt if Hawaii is a very beautiful, romantic, fun, and certainly has a tropical climate. In addition, the place that belongs to the group of Polynesian Island is a place with a still active volcano. These things become an attraction for foreign tourists who come here. In addition to “Aloha” is a distinctive style welcome in Hawaii, Hawaii also has a distinctive style with a headband of colorful flowers. For Honeymooners, it would be very enjoyable and memorable.

Not much different from Hawaii, Bali also has outstanding natural beauty. Bali is an island located in Indonesia between Java and Lombok. Bali is one of the options honeymooners domestically and abroad. Several beautiful beaches with their trademark, making Bali was never empty of visitors. Kuta Beach is a complete and wonderful beach with beautiful sunset position. Sanur beach is the most romantic beach for sunrise honeymooners with the best position. Nusa Dua beach is a beach that has luxury hotels with all services.

In addition there is the Ubud village provides body treatments such as unique of spa. Not only that, Bali has its own charm, which no other place that is owned by the local regional cultures. Self-cleaning for people who are Hindus is done in Sanur beach. This makes the tourists curious on what they do. In addition, the performances are often held in Bali to make the tourists will not be bored with a dish of mixed. For Honeymooners, Bali is also included into the tropical honeymoon destinations that is recommended.