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Romantic Short Breaks

Planning for Romantic Short Breaks

By Fandy Setiawan


Romantic Weekend Ideas

Honeymoon is a time in which married couples enjoy their early life as husbands and wives. This time can be spent anywhere, starting from unique places abroad to newlyweds’ new residents. It may vary based on taste and financial condition. For married couples who have spent half of their life in togetherness, they have less time to show their affection to each other. It is not because they do not love each other anymore, yet it is because their love has moved to another phase. It is a phase in which they are too used to each other’s presence, so they feel that they do not need to show it clearly to their partners.

This assumption is, of course, wrong. No matter how long you love someone and live together with him or her, showing love and affection to each other is required to do regularly. Without showing your love and affection, your partner will not know about your feeling to him or her. In this condition, there is particular tendency for your partner to have affair with another man or woman. When this thing happens to your family, close friends or colleagues, then it is the time for them to have their second honeymoon.

Second honeymoon or romantic short breaks is a term which refers to private time that is intended for married couples to heat up their love life. It should be organized when they are too used to each others’ presence and forget how to express love and affection to each others. Basically, you can pick regular honeymoon packages that are often chosen by newlyweds. There is no problem in choosing that package. If your partner wants to go to beach, you can pick beach honeymoon packages that are offered by many hotels and resorts. By spending intimate time together, it is expected that your love life will be more romantic than before.