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Montreal Honeymoon

Montreal Honeymoon – How to Find The Best Honeymoon Hotel

By Fandy Setiawan


St James President Suite - Luxury Hotels Montreal

Is it possible to find a honeymoon hotels in Canada?, First of all we should specify which parts of Montreal’s most attractive for your Montreal honeymoon activity. It goes without saying that in a city as large, all districts do not have the same benefits. Some parts of the city are strictly industrial areas, away from the main areas of interest and even distant networks of transportation, while others are purely residential neighborhoods. There are certainly of hotels but they should be avoided altogether. But the universality of the Internet allows these hotels come easily to the researcher and there is a hotel room in Montreal, although not very expensive, but far from living heart of the metropolis. We must therefore know the most interesting areas of Montreal in order to make a wise choice.

These districts what are they? Its located in an area of about 15 square kilometers, this area includes the city itself, the Latin Quarter, the ghettos McGill and Concordia, Chinatown, and finally the Old Montreal. It should be noted that the Old Montreal and the city center, although very touristy, this area are not residential, so this is the right choice for your Montreal honeymoon. For honeymooners who want to know the Montreal life and mingle with the colored population of Montreal, a hotel room located in each of the other districts will be much more interesting.

As for the price it goes from cheap to expensive. Hotel St-James in Old Montreal is the most expensive hotel establishment in Canada. It is much better to opt for a room at the inn comfortable and inexpensive or a bed and breakfast rather than a cheap room in an international hotel chain. Anyway, if you want to have Montreal honeymoon, visit Montreal in the summer, you’ll be out all day, so no matter the luxury of a room in which you will only sleep? Welcome to Montreal and happy honeymoon!