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Luxury Honeymoon Holidays

Luxury Honeymoon Holidays in Dubai

By Fandy Setiawan


luxury honeymoon location

There is no more country which has tons luxurious hotels other than Dubai. With high class night clubs, shopping malls and excellent accommodations, you are on your way to experience luxury honeymoon holidays. As a way to celebrate your marriage, the idea of having honeymoon to Dubai sounds too great to be brought into reality. It is an open secret that Dubai is a great place for everyone. Food lovers, shopaholic, culture lovers and people who worship night life are recommended to visit this incredible place. Located in the heart of United-Emirate Arab, Dubai offers nice combination between pleasure of life and ethnic Arabian culture.

Adventurous and sporty couples will enjoy their Dubai honeymoon. In addition to high class beaches and perfect sunset, there are tons of water-based activities that can be done during your romantic time. Surfing is one choice that can be performed in Dubai beaches. Combination of perfect waves and crystal clear turquoise water will give you maximum pleasure in doing surfing. For those who love diving, it is a must to visit major diving spots in Dubai to enjoy underwater life. As for novice divers, there are a lot of instructors that can be found on the spot.

Culture lovers will be spoilt a lot in Dubai honeymoons. There are many interesting cultural and historical sites that can be visited during Dubai luxury honeymoon holidays. To save some money, general transportation can also be utilized to explore daily life of natives of Dubai. After strolling around the city, do not forget to stop by in the beach nearby to enjoy beautiful scenery of sunset. Take a rest for awhile then continue to please yourself by sipping nice drinks in the night clubs is not a bad idea. As a country that offers extraordinary nightlife, Dubai will provide incredible experience in enjoying life to the fullest.