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Jamaica Honeymoons

Unforgettable Jamaica Honeymoons

By Fandy Setiawan


Jamaica Resorts Montego Bay

Located in Caribbean region, Jamaica has almost everything. With beautiful forests, caves, rivers, mountains, and, of course, beaches, the third largest island in Caribbean is more than ready to serve passionate private time for newlyweds. Planning Jamaica honeymoons enables you to enjoy many things; it includes reggae music, bright sunlight and beautiful sunset. With the friendliest native ever, you will have no worries strolling around the city. When you get lost, all you have to do is asking people nearby. English is more than enough to be used to communicate with everyone, since it is the official language in Jamaica.

Travel consultant will give you plenty of answer when you ask about honeymoon in Jamaica. It has been known as one of the most favorite honeymoon destination among any other destinations. With various types of resorts, you will be able to have proper accommodation during your stay. As for recommended location itself, there are many places that can be visited. For those who love and worship nature, Southwest Coast is an ideal place to visit. Undeveloped and untouched beaches area will be able to give sense of old Jamaica.  Another place that is well worth a visit is Negril. With its best beaches, Negril is more than enough to give you endless pleasure in enjoying beautiful beaches. Those who love adventure and challenge can also give a try to various water sports that are provided in many places in Negril.

Best nightlife and golf courses are interesting activities that can be done in Montego Bay. As the central of Jamaica, where the international airport is located, Montego Bay is the best place for those who want to spend nighttime in famous bars and night clubs. Ocho Rios is likely the best spot for shopaholic. Mixture of shopping centers, shopping malls, incredible natural resources and sightseeing are promising in leaving unforgettable reminiscence for husbands and wives in Jamaica Honeymoons.