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Honeymoon in Canada

Honeymoon in Canada Tips – What To Wear in Canada

By Fandy Setiawan


Niagara Falls Canada

Some say it’s cold winter here in Canada. This is completely wrong when you are dressed as they should. It is true that the issue is fundamental if you will enjoy your honeymoon to Canada. Do not let the cold ruin your honeymoon in Canada. With the mercury sometimes drops to -30 degrees Celsius. Yes, but now the cold is drier down here. Not to mention the warm welcome of Canadian acts like a blanket from the first contacts.

Here what you should remember when you choose honeymoon in Canada. Thin layers of clothing helps keep body heat while promoting air circulation. The outer garments should have a waterproof cap. Mittens are warmer than gloves. It is necessary to wear a hat because we lose 70% of our heat through your head. The principle of the three layers is to wear layers of clothing. The layers closest to the body give off sweat. The other layers retain heat. Therefore wear underwear that absorbs moisture and change them later in the day, even if they seem dry.

First layer: It must allow the flow of perspiration to the outside of the body so to stay dry. For this, synthetic fibers ensure the best results (forget the cotton). Second layer: it traps heat. Synthetic fiber polyester (polar) is very effective. The wool can be a second option.Third layer: This layer protects you from water, snow and especially the wind. It should be both broad and waterproof. What to wear for a stay of a day? 2 pairs of socks: a heavy (wool) and a thinner, so that they overlap if any, 1 Set of warm underwear, Damart type, covering the arms and legs. Avoid cotton, synthetic prefer (it breathes); A wool sweater or “polar”; A warm jacket with long sleeves; A baggy pants, jogging style (no jeans, you will not be comfortable); 1 pair of mitten; A small pair of woolen gloves underneath to put the mittens; A woolen cap; A scarf, or better, a neck warmer; A good pair of winter boots and the last one is ski ensemble (pants and jacket). Happy honeymoon in Canada!