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Honeymoon Holiday

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By Fandy Setiawan

honeymoon holiday

honeymoon holiday

Money will be a big trouble if you don’t get it well prepared. It will ruin your honeymoon, and it will sure make a bad memory for your helplessly honeymoon holidays.

So, get it right, get it done first. Have your honeymoon in budget.What should we do first in planning the budget?

Here I have the list that you need to fill in,

No Items Answer $$$
1 How do you get there (Return or not)
2 Airport tax
3 Visa
4 Where you are going to stay
5 How long you are going to stay
6 Activities you will have
7 Souvenirs
8 Dine in
9 Guide Tip
10 Transportation
11 Medical expenses
12 Shops
13 Unexpected cost

Already filled? get yourself to think, is there anything miss? Are you sure?

If you’re sure that you have listed everything you need to make your honeymoon holiday, then let me ask you, how much do you need? $1000? $2000? Or $5000?

Now, do you have the money?

No? You don’t have the money? Then you have to re-arrange your honeymoon.  Reconsider the resort you choose. Is it the best (budgeted) honeymoon resort? Any other options? The airplanes, is there any low cost carrier that can get you to Hawaii? Or maybe the souvenirs, you don’t have to buy your families all the souvenirs. Make it simple. Make it less.

And for the couple who’s just about to get their feet on a wedding ,you have to prepare your budget starts from now.

Here’s an example, if you wish to have about $5000 for your honeymoon which maybe you will have on the next two or three years, then you can start to invest your income for the best honeymoon holiday ever. Investing your money on bonds, stocks, or gold. You are still young aren’t you? So just make it simple, investing your money, calculating how much you have to invest each month to reach the $5000 in the next two or three years, involving the inflation rate, using the excel with the Present Value formula, you are going to have the amount to invest.

Get it started, get it nicely done!