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Hawaiian Honeymoon

Hawaiian Honeymoon : Overview

By Fandy Setiawan


hawaiian honeymoon packages

hawaiian honeymoon packages

Honeymoon is all about intimacy, joyful, whether it’s the adventurous one or the silent of the two souls, every single thing for your honeymoon should be well arranged. Thus, when it comes to the options about the destination you will choose for your honeymoon, let me ask you, what’s on your top of mind when thinking of your honeymoon holidays destination? I bet, HAWAII is on your list.

And happy couple, the preparation for your Hawaiian honeymoon should be started from here.

Decision to choose which island you want to visit is an individual choose. Each island has its own unique and different experiences. From the rainforest environment and the fragrant of the exotic plants are all over in Hawaii.

Whether you want to go for the adventurous one or the silent mode, everything is in your hand and of course Hawaiian honeymoon has their best to offer.

The adventurous honeymoon could be one of these activities, snorkeling, riding the bike along the beach, having a river journey, or diving. One of the famous place is Fern Grotto and Smith’s Family Luau. A must do in this island is a 90 minutes two mile river journey along the Wailua River Valley. Listening to the history and the legend of the river, while the Hawaiian songs are played is one of a kind moment. Here you can learn how to hula and also enjoy the culture of Kaua’i. The Fern Grotto is a geological wonder. Ferns grow upside down from the grotto which was formed million years ago. Here you could find hundreds of exotic tropical plants and have the environment of a rain-forest environment.

And for the silent treat, how about astronomy watch? Having a walk along the beach, the spa, and if you are a big fan of yoga, feels the sensation of yoga in Hawaii.

Hawaiian honeymoon sure serve the best honeymoon holiday for you. With various resorts and various tours to pick, you have the world on your hand and of course a memory to remember.


(thank you in Hawaii)