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Hawaii Honeymoons

Hawaii Honeymoons : Do’s  and Don’ts in Hawaii

By Fandy Setiawan

hawaii honeymoons

hawaii trips

If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon stay, choose Hawaii honeymoons. Hawaii is a perfect destination for romantic honeymoon. Hawaii could be the best place to launch the new chapter of your life. The romantic surroundings with a beautiful blue waters and sunsets are some great attractions for lovebirds. You can make your honeymoon a memorable moments in wonderful Hawaiian Islands.

The Hawaii honeymoons are just beautiful. Enough space and privacy are offered to new couples. You will fall in love with the fresh air and exotic fragrance of tropical flowers. To help honeymooners in Hawaii, here’s a little hints:

Advice and recommendations

The cost of living varies from one island to another, do not hesitate to contact your travel agent before leaving. Have a realistic budget: the price of gasoline and food which is high risk of “inflating” a little over your budget.

If you have a tight budget, you can always opt for alternative accommodation as the Bed & Breakfast homestay, a solution which can also spice up your stay. You can also go in less touristy periods time, that is between January and May and between September and November. At these times, flights, car rentals, housing is, easier to find and cheaper.

Protect yourself from the sun; Use sunscreen at least 30 index and avoid exposure between 10am and 4pm. Do not forget your hat, your scarf to protect your shoulders, your sunglasses and lip balm. In fact temperatures at night can be cooler.

Protect yourself from insects; Some places in Hawaii are overrun with mosquitoes. If you just count how many outside activities or in the forest, use insect repellent and apply on your skin. Mosquitoes are more active when the weather is wet, early morning and late evening.

Transportation; By bus: Oahu is the only island where public transport is available. They are convenient to go around the island and cheap. Visit: TheBus.org for more information on fares, routes and schedules. Other islands: Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai and the main island do not offer public transportation.
By taxi: they are available on all islands.
By car: Many  car rentals company in Hawaii. However, on Oahu, parking a car is a major problem. The traffic is heavy, the peak times are between 6 and 8 am and 4 and 6pm in the afternoon.

Happy Honeymoon in Hawaii…