hawaii honeymoon deals

hawaii vacation deals

Hawaii Honeymoon Deals

Hawaii Honeymoon Deals : Points of Interest of The Main Islands

By Fandy Setiawan


hawaii honeymoon deals

hawaii vacation deals


–          Island with magical landscapes and breathtaking.

–          Perfect destination for nature lovers, the island has a huge canyon (Waimea), roads are fun to navigate and the colors of the island are magnificent.

–          The island is also a must for lovers of swimming, surfing or fishing with its sublime beaches such as “Lumahai Beach, ” “Poipu” or “Hanalei Bay”.


–          Island known for its beautiful coral reef spanning 50 km.

–          Perfect destination for divers to explore the seabed.

–          The beaches of “20 Mile” and “Papohaku Beach” offers extensive pristine exception.


–          Pretty busy island especially on the West Coast (Lahaina, Kaanapali, etc.).

–          Destination perfect for combining nightlife and nature.

–          The island is great for relaxing and diving in particular on the beaches “Kaanapali Beach”, “Wailea Beach” and “Makena beach” but also to approach the whales and visit small towns like mythical Kahului, Kihei and Kapalua.


–          The most populated island, the most active, liveliest and most tourists.

–          Perfect destination for nightlife and restaurants and outlets (Waikiki).

–          The island is home to “Honolulu” that has all the characteristics of a great city but also has two beautiful beaches: “Kailua Beach” and “Waikiki Beach”.

–          The island has two volcanoes: the Koolau (it rises above the east side and is the 2 / 3 of the island) and Waianae (larger and older of the two volcanoes that dominate the western half).

Big Island

–          Island also called “Island of Hawaii” or “Orchid Island”. It is the largest in terms of area.

–          Destination perfect for exploring a range of sandy black or white.

–          The island has several volcanoes of Mauna Loa, Kohala, the Loihi, the Kilauhea, Mauna Kea, the Mahukona the Hualalai.

The island is also essential to explore its two extinct volcanoes: East Maui “and ” West Maui”.