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Bora Bora Hotels and Resorts – Where to stay in Bora Bora

By Fandy Setiawan


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Choosing a suitable hotel in Bora-Bora is an important thing to do. You may choose a several types of Bora Bora hotels and resorts holiday accommodation, but certainly it’s wiser if you select a luxury hotels in Bora to experienced the paradise ambiance, the fact that its room has common Polynesian bungalows design built over the crystal clear seas of the island. Probably the most delights is to wake up and also have breakfast over the terrace of these bungalows. For honeymooners, it’s  highly recommended to stay at one of the built on water bungalows, that will offer the perfect location for memorable experiences. You may also go to the lagoon, that’s just about the most desirable highlights of Bora Bora island, the spot where you and your partner might be surpised in relation to its remarkable beach locations, lots of water recreation, also to fish overseas or look at manta rays, sharks and dolphins.

The Bora Bora Hotels and Resorts are actually wonderful and altogether tranquility with the natural world. The Bora Bora hotels and resorts cabins are influenced from the style of the original wood made houses using a palm leave rooftop. The fine detail of those cabins in contrast to others, that is over the water and the floor made from glass, so that you can view the ocean while you are resting on the inside. Then again, the closeness will definitely appear in these cabins, called stilts, helps make us feel like the only owners of the ocean, which you can easliy discover just straight down the steps to quickly dive in the warm waters on the lagoon of Bora Bora. Yet not every hotels in Bora Bora have a stilt rooms. However, almost all hotels have rooms on land, if you decide to stay in a stilt for your personal dream honeymoon is much better to know this has to be more costly than any hotel room. Among the list of hotels that provide these facilities and highly desired by brides and grooms is the Pearl Beach Resort and Spa that providing the Garden Pool Suite and Premium Over Water bungalows.

Bora Bora hotels and resorts will provide a myriad of international cuisine, as the special food of the land is fish and seafood, primarily lobster. You should consider the recommended Pahua soup or mahi mahi kebabs. A common dish is the tamaaraa (The Tahitian Feast), made using meat and fish covered with banana leaves and cooked on hot stones. The fresh fruits, mainly pineapple and coconut, would be the perfect choice for delightful desserts and drinks. If you stay in a stilt or perhaps a or even a  hotel around the mainland, you should not skip to watch the traditional dancing which can be found at all Bora Bora luxury hotels along with a free of charge shows for anyone who buying drinks for the meal.